Written by PiNA November 22, 2022

We at PiNA believe that sharing knowledge is important. That’s why we are inviting 4 youth workers interested to elevate their skills in the youth sector and interested in contributing to social change and innovation through youth project work, to apply for a Job Shadowing opportunity with our team.


Our team has been actively working toward regional, national and international social development. Our contributions are evident in many already completed and ongoing projects, which among others, seek to strengthen and contribute to the education sector and try to build an inclusive and democratic environment, where different social groups and individuals can actively participate. We are an Europe Direct Information Centre, a regional NGO’s HUB and a national CERV info point.

We are also a youth center, working in the public interest in the field of youth since 2013. We were involved in more than 50 youth projects (national and international) addressing the topic of non-formal education, youth participation, youth employability, housing, and sustainable development. We implemented several national and international training courses, and workshops, published more than 20 educational materials and organized promotional events and competitions for youth.

We have knowledge to share and we believe that Job Shadowing is the perfect method for that. We also believe we can learn from you too.



Job Shadowing is a particular way of enabling youth workers to learn by observing the work of the host and carrying out some of the tasks they’ve been observing under the supervision of the host. The main advantages of the Job Shadowing program are:

  • learning is deeply embedded within complex and highly variable contexts, allowing rapid adaptation to real-world conditions;
  • the Job Shadowing acculturate learners to the values and norms of the profession;
  • the Job Shadowing is evaluated and adaptable to feedback: from mentors, youth workers and the host organization.

The job shadower will gain knowledge and attitudes needed and used for working in the youth sector and receive support in developing those skills, acquiring knowledge, and gaining attitudes.



The job shadowing program at PiNA is divided into four modules:

  • Know the Sector (Providing both general knowledge of the sector as well as specific knowledge of the host organisation and its structure).
  • Job Shadowing (Reading and understanding contractual obligations of actual project proposals, stating main steps of project management and project cycle, evaluation of projects, and dissemination of project results).
  • Challenge Your Skills (Write a draft of a project proposal, get to know internal project management tools, support preparation and/or implementation of an activity).
  • Do Your Own Thing (Propose your own action and organise an in-house presentation of a project proposal).



  • Attending the program as agreed with the host organisation.
  • Reflecting on your own skills, knowledge and attitudes in order to improve them.
  • Being proactive and sharing seen and experienced good practices.
  • Developing and implementing your own initiative or a small project proposal writing during the Job Shadowing.
  • Self-evaluation at the beginning and the end.
  • Providing feedback about the program to the host organisation and testimonial of one’s experience with the Job Shadowing.

3 weeks, between January and June 2023.


Koper, Slovenia



  • Accommodation in a flat in Koper, shared with ESC volunteers.
  • Food allowance in the amount of 15 euros per day.
  • Reimbursement of the travel costs (the amount will be calculated based on the travel distance of the participant). 

The Job Shadowing program is supported by the Erasmus+ program, within the action Mobility projects for youth workers.

4 positions are open.



Fill in the online application form, with attached your CV (name the file: name_surname_CV), latest by the 23rd of December 2022.

If you have any additional questions you can contact