Written by PiNA January 19, 2024

PiNA is looking for a candidate for an European solidarity corps volunteering activity in Koper, Slovenia in 2024, who will be working in the multimedia field.

Start date: 1st of April 2024
Duration: 12 months
Location: Koper, Slovenia
Deadline for application: 10th February 2024



PiNA has been using multimedia successfully for many years for both educational, informative and communication activities. Initially, we were primarily focused on the preparation of video materials, over the years we upgraded the digital content by using 3D and VR technology, purchasing a 3D printer, building an 8D audio ambisonic room, purchasing equipment for conducting live stream events, etc. Since we have already successfully involved volunteers in the field of multimedia in the past, we want to keep the activity or upgrade it with a research component. The volunteer will also have the opportunity to work at HEKA. Within the framework of the HEKA laboratory, the volunteer will thus have the opportunity to learn about the latest technology, improve its use and knowledge, and research it.  

In addition to the research component, the use of multimedia at PiNA is crucial in the implementation of communication activities and the dissemination of project results. The communications manager and PiNA designer carefully design all messages and results of the project graphically. We photograph and record important events. The volunteer will be able to provide support in the mentioned activities within the framework of communication. We also have the latest equipment for photography, recording, and live streaming, which we will teach the volunteers to use.




PiNA is a platform of good ideas that are born to respond to identified challenges in the environment. For more than twenty years, we have been promoting socially responsible practices in the fields of participation, information, culture, education and awareness, as well as combining art and science. Since its founding, we have been opening a space for meeting, informing, exchanging, connecting and cooperating in the field of social challenges. Initially as the first internet cafe in Slovenia in 1998, and since 2016 as a multimedia and youth center, a member of the network of Europe Direct Slovenia points and the network of regional partners Eurodesk, as the meeting point of non-governmental organizations of the coastal-karst region, and now also the contact point of the Citizens program, equality, rights and values ​​(CERV) and an organization that works in the public interest in the field of youth and culture.


HEKA is a laboratory at the intersection of science, art and the economy based on the concept of »citizen science«.

It is the first space of its kind in Istria. It operates in the following thematic areas:

  • Researching the human impacts on the marine ecosystem.
  • Researching spatial sound reproduction.
  • Researching biomaterials.
  • Cooperation with the Central Technical School in Koper in implementing the training program of mechatronic techniques laboratory work.

The red thread that subtly links the thematic areas deals with the climate crisis and its consequences. The thematic scope will be prepared by external collaborators. HEKA aims to become a space of integration for all who recognize the value of activating potentials, education, transformation, and humanization through the empathic merging of science, art, and the economy.

Are you curious? Learn more through our Welcome Booklet.

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Each volunteer will: 

  • receive monthly pocket money to the amount of 4 EUR per day and an additional 8 EUR per day for food expenses; 
  • be registered for the ESC insurance scheme CIGNA; 
  • receive a contribution to the travel costs (the amount will be calculated based on the travel distance of the volunteer);
  • stay in a fully equipped apartment in the center of Koper, sharing a room with another volunteer.



The participants will participate in the daily activities of PiNA, volunteering six hours daily from Monday to Friday.

During the volunteer experience, volunteers will:

  • receive a task related mentor; 
  • be offered a chance to take a language course;
  • develop multimedia knowledge and skills;
  • have a chance to develop a personal project with the resources of PiNA / HEKA;
  • improve their digital skills and digital literacy;
  • Improve the basics of working with different equipment (camera, 3D printer, image and video processing software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, Canva and others);
  • improve the knowledge of photo / video post production;
  • have the opportunity to learn about the operation of e-mail marketing platforms such as Mailerlite and Mailchimp and other online applications for promotion and dissemination of results;
  • learn video editing and become familiar with the other stages of production;
  • learn how to design content according to different target groups and how to promote products, ensure their visibility, etc.;
  • get to know the process of creating educational content and the structure of preparing training courses, which are partly live and partly online;
  • receive the Youthpass certificate, the official recognition tool for non-formal & informal learning in youth projects.

European Solidarity Corps volunteers will have the support of a coordinator (somebody in the hosting organization) and mentor (a friend to talk to outside of the hosting organization). 

They will take part in an on-arrival and mid-term training course organized by the National Agency (MOVIT).



Highly motivated young people with interest in MULTIMEDIA (photo, video & graphic design): 

  • help with the graphic design of publications, manuals, leaflets and promotional material in general;
  • support in photographing and/or recording events;
  • support in recording documentaries, video ‘tutorials’, creating video animations;
  • support in the creation of educational materials and recording of webinars;
  • help in designing graphics for social networks;
  • assistance in conducting ‘live streams’ of various events;
  • providing support to local organizations in the implementation of communication activities to raise the visibility of the effects of their work for community development;
  • autonomous in multimedia production;
  • basic knowledge of 3D scanning, modeling and printing;
  • motivated to develop your own art project through the volunteering experience, ideally combining art and science.



The call is open to young people aged 18-30 from Programme or Partner countries.



Fill in the online application form, with attached your CV (name the file: name_surname_CV).

Deadline for application is 31st January 2024.

If you have a question, please contact us on