Written by PiNA December 15, 2023

PiNA is looking for a candidate for an European solidarity corps volunteering activity in the Public Institute for Youth, Culture and Tourism Koper (Slovenia), who will be working in multimedia and social media field.

Start date: February 2024 (starting date is flexible)
Duration: 10 -12 months
Host organization: Public Institute for Youth, Culture and Tourism
Location: Koper, Slovenia


The Public Institute for Youth, Culture and Tourism Koper has the goal of connecting three fields together – YOUTH, CULTURE and TOURISM.

YOUTH DEPARTMENT – Youth center Koper (CMK)

The Youth center Koper (CMK) regularly visits approx. 60 young people per day (use of rooms, participation in programs and events), while at the events there is a visit of over 100 young people to the event (e.g. a concert). At least 10 organized activities are held per week, which young people can attend. Almost every weekend there is a concert from different musical genres.

Youth center Koper is an open minded and a very inclusive place. It is open for anyone who wishes to have active free time and anyone who wants to get new skills and knowledge in a fun way.

The main goals of the youth center are: 

  • providing quality programs and projects that contributes to empowerment of young people;
  • providing mentoring to young people (assistance in organizing various events, through counseling on open calls for funding etc.);
  • providing space for quality leisure time for young people (meeting space, point project planning, playing social games etc.) and use of all equipment;
  • billiards, table football, projector, table, etc. – free of charge);
  • support for young artists (free use of the music equipment, a fully equipped recording studio; we have an exercise room for theater groups and mentoring for young poets and writers, etc.).

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The department of tourism represents the Information point for tourists in the city of Koper. It has a lot of locations around the city: protocolar hall of Sveti Frančišek, event hall Taverna and others.

The main Information point is located in the Praetorian palace in the city center. The mission of this department is to revive the historic city center and green countryside through tourism, to connect people and ideas, tradition and modern history, present and future in innovative and bold ways. The ambition is to make tourism a central link between the city and the countryside. The vision: The leading year-round active green Mediterranean destination in Istria and Slovenia.

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The department of culture is coordinating the implementation of cultural programs, giving support to performers of the cultural programs and preparing a strategy for the development of culture for the Municipality of Koper. It has 2 main locations: House of culture in the village Sveti Anton and an Art residency in Kubed, both are located in the countryside of Koper.

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Participants will be working in different locations, mostly in the cultural and youth department. Locations, tasks and activities will be adapted to the fields of interest and goals of each participant.



The participant will be active in all three departments of the Public Institute for Youth, Culture and Tourism Koper, approximately 30 hours per week. From Monday to Saturday, 5 days per week for around 6 hours per day (2pm-8pm). The working days and locations will vary from week to week. Participants will receive the schedule in advance. Participants will have 2 free days per week and 2 days of holiday per month.

The participant’s activities consist of supporting full-time workers in the implementation of different activities.

During the volunteer experience, volunteers will:

  • receive a task related mentor; 
  • be offered a chance to take a language course;
  • develop multimedia and social media knowledge and skills;
  • have a chance to develop a personal project;
  • improve their digital skills and digital literacy;
  • Improve the basics of working with different equipment;
  • improve the knowledge of photo / video post production;
  • learn video editing and become familiar with the other stages of production;
  • receive the Youthpass certificate, the official recognition tool for non-formal & informal learning in youth projects.

European Solidarity Corps volunteers will have the support of a task related mentor and coordinator. They will take part in an on-arrival and mid-term training course organized by the National Agency (MOVIT).


We are looking for highly motivated young people with interest in MULTIMEDIA and/or SOCIAL MEDIA. The tasks and activities will be adapted to the fields of interest and goals of each participant.

Description of activities and tasks:

  • photographing and shooting video of different events and projects;
  • directing, editing and post-production of different video projects and multimedia files;
  • social media content management (TikTok, IG, FB, YouTube);
  • graphic design for flyers, posters and web magazine (CMK magazine published on issuu.Com);
  • assistance in the implementation of the contents;
  • acquaintance with the work of the youth center and youth work, info point and cultural center;
  • informing and networking with visitors;
  • planning, assisting and implementing projects and events;
  • helping with the preparation of premises before and after events;
  • participation in weekly team meetings.


Each volunteer will: 

  • receive monthly pocket money to the amount of 4 EUR per day and an additional 8 EUR per day for food expenses;
  • be registered for the ESC insurance scheme HENNER; 
  • receive a contribution to the travel costs (the amount will be calculated based on the travel distance of the volunteer); 
  • receive the support of a mentor; 
  • receive an opportunity to develop a personal project; 
  • be offered a chance to join a language course with a group;
  • receive a Youthpass certificate;
  • volunteers will live in an apartment in the city center in a shared room with another volunteer. 


The call is open to young people aged 18-30 from Programme or Partner countries.


Fill in the online application form, with attached your CV (name the file: name_surname_CV).

Deadline for application is 15th January 2024.

If you have a question, please contact us on