Written by PiNA May 9, 2024

PiNA, together with the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Design Split and Institute Joanneum of the University of Applied Sciences Graz, we are organizing a fourth edition of Design+Science Summer School. From 8th to 12th of July 2024 in Ljubljana, we will gather 21 participants from all over the world to explore the topic of Subversive realities. 

The term “subversive” suggests an intent to subvert an established system. But what happens the day after the revolution? This theme invites exploration of not only the broken systems of today and our psychological biases but also the external realities that make us believe that there is no alternative. This theme includes discussions on systemic social injustices, environmental challenges, political issues, historical revisionism, cultural biases, and psychological defense mechanisms. Participants are encouraged to examine the complexity of human perception, both individual and collective. Can we think of alternatives that become a reality?

Boštjan Botas Kenda, professor of visual communication and co-founder of the Summer School introduces this year’s edition: “The success of the Design+Science Summer School is measured by its positioning in the social space and the wider field of practice. It was conceived out of the need to dynamically interrogate current social issues and project them into the future. Increasingly, we are connecting with the various movers and shakers of tomorrow and pooling our experiences for a meaningful tomorrow. We are interested in more, we want to enjoy an attractive and open learning experience. This year’s theme is mirrored in the quote of Italo Calvino: The ideal place for me is the one in which it is most natural to live as a foreigner.”

Maja Drobne, the head of Education at PiNA and co-founder of the Summer School added “The Design+Science summer school is an important activity for PiNA as it connects several stakeholders and approaches in an innovative way – the academic sphere with non-governmental, scientific research and design, art and science. This year, especially, we are focusing on how we can reimagine our future societies in a way that is inclusive, equitable, and forward-thinking. Our interdisciplinary approach encourages students to explore how various fields can converge to create not just new ideas, but viable alternatives to the systems and practices that currently govern our lives.”

The Summer school D+S is an experiential teaching methodology that relies on interdisciplinary integration among students from the arts, humanities, and scientific disciplines. This is facilitated through group work, learning through practice, and condensed, interactive learning that also includes peer learning at its core. The structure of the D+S method involves the entire process being accompanied by modern interactive teaching elements, such as excursions, workshops, education through dining, education through experience, viewing multimedia content, and design sprints. The implementation of the summer school is designed so that participants continuously interact with each other, with experts, and with the organizers of the summer school from morning to evening, enabling interaction throughout the whole summer school.

The applications are open until  2nd June 2024  Follow for more information or contact us at