1. 8. 2010 – 31. 7. 2011


Loesje International, Stichting Pink Sweater, Memefest

Supported by

Europe for Citizens, European Youth Foundation


Participation, Creativity


Memefest: Recharged combines multimedia art with social reflection and provides Europeans with a creative and educational platform to reflect on European values.

The portal, set up in the project, directed the community towards reflection about the relation between love, power and conflict through an open international competition. Results, ideas and findings of the virtual society and the best works from the competition were presented in a real environment of public discussions and exhibitions in Ljubljana, Berlin, Nijmegen and Koper. Intermedia art and reflection on European values were the core of the four-day festival Oddstream as well as of the training for authors of the best contest works in the Netherlands. The project ended with the production of a documentary film about the relationship between politics and art.

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