1st of November 2023 – 31st of October 2025


PiNA – Association for Culture and Education, Pistes Solidaries (France), YES forum (Germany), Associacao mais cidadania (Portugal), University COLLEGE CORK (Ireland)

Supported by

Erasmus + KA220-YOU


Informing, Participation, Education


The goal of the project is to raise awareness among young people, focusing on GEN Z (1997-2010), about the European Union, the institutions, and the way the EU works.

As part of the project, 50+ learning boxes about the EU and a learning platform for young people to better understand the EU’s values and functioning will be developed, and a campaign for the 2024 European elections will be carried out. Local youth worker training groups and workshops at the local level for young people will be organized. Through the IDEATON method, young people will participate in shaping their Europe of tomorrow.

A handbook for youth workers will be prepared, which will help them transfer knowledge about the EU and encourage young people’s participation. The goal is to strengthen trust and increase the inclusion of young people in European society.