DIVE IN manual 'Dive into the world of Citizen Science'

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Slovene, English, Italian, French, Dutch, Croatian

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As part of the DIVE IN project, the manual ‘Dive into the world of citizen science’ was created, which consists of a theoretical and practical introduction to the world of experimentation and discovery, of the world around us and of ourselves. It can also be used as a learning tool that will spark curiosity in readers, as a “tool for the development of other tools” along the path of independent learning and co-creation of a sustainable future.

The goal of the manual is to use its content and methodologies to help young people articulate bigger questions, and find a way of approaching and answering them through analytical (deconstructive) and constructive tinkering.

It also aims to encourage adults to examine topics and practices mostly neglected and sometimes forgotten – that is, to find their inner playfulness by (re)discovering science and rethinking perspectives on the things we take for granted. 

The manual might also serve as a teaching aid to youth workers in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Mathematics), as well as general educators who wish to incubate the development of analytical, critical and constructive thinking skills in young people.