Learning Map

Creating and developing a web tool and adult education method to map, monitor, evaluate and recognize skills, knowledge and attitudes acquired in learning by adult learners and adult educators in informal, non-formal and formal ways.

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Empowering young people by creating favourable conditions for them to develop their talents and to actively participate in the labour market.

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ISKRA – Istria and Karst NGO’s Hub

Establishment of a professional, participative, and sustainable NGO sector through advocacy, comprehensive support, and cross-sectoral integration.

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Equality for Change

The project deals with the area of gender equality with emphasis on overcoming stereotypical roles and empowering women in the field of multimedia tool use.

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Healthy Istria Day

>We hope this project will promote better health in the community, the development of local businesses and sustainability, by encouraging the production, sale and use of high-quality, locally-grown food.

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Cultural incubator

The cultural incubator of members of national groups of nations of former Yugoslavia is a project aimed at raising employability of the target group in the field of culture.

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Digging Deep

The project Digging Deep brings youths knowledge in the field of sustainable food production in urban areas and encourages sustainable development, active citizenship and social inclusion of youths.

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OTOK Daily training course

The international training OTOK Daily is about the creative and innovative use of communication tools, with an emphasis on multimedia and the written word.

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